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The creation of ZOEPOUND.COM are the stuff of dreams, and yet hip-hop inspiring real-world change as well as global recognition helps ZOEPOUND.COM. Garnering "street" accolades to reach the hills of Hollywood (Bad Boyz two movies say ZOE POUND seven times) Oh; gross 1.7 billion to the shores of Hollywood, yes, Nigeria... Still, we have lots of room for improvement. ZOEPOUND.COM is making bold strides and we are doing it with flair. (ZOE) Yes!! Our commerce has the very first trademark sneakers (ZOE) Order now!!!

     This website ZOEPOUND.COM will have a clickable link to our membership option that costs $9.99 a year in six months. The download of independent/major Rap artists, R&B, video platform, poetry, books, Hip-Hop daily blog... Street unity of Haitian crews in Boston, New Jersey (shout out to Newark Haitian mafia family Fat Will, Flatbush-Brooklyn, shout out to the Haitian crips) Orlando, even Utah. WE GOT OUR PLATFORM NOW HOMIES


TO CARE FOR EACH OTHER! SIGN ON NOW!!! FUCK SOUNDCLOUD!!! Crackers playing ZOE'S... Haiti city sole, Delma, Jereme', Egypt, South Africa, etc... ZOEPOUND.COM here! Tell a friend to tell a friend.

    The Haitian people have always been a resilient people. They've survived slavery, casteism, hurricanes, flood, disease, earthquakes, invasion and occupation. ( Homie/baby-girl you gots to know the math!!!) The Haitian's are the only African people in the western hemisphere to defeat their masters and to become recognized as a nation. The Haitian revolution was lead by Toussaint . These great men claimed victory over two European empires and the European nations have never forgotten the taste of defeat or the soreness of their asses being ousted out of their country by their stolen property so they have conspired in the suffering of the Haitian people by economic oppression and politically ignoring the Haitian people on the world stage. It has been them who continue to financially back and support the corrupt leaders of Haiti; which results in the extraction of the countries wealth.Louverte, Bookman and Jean-Jacques Decaline

This is why Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Over the years Haiti's extreme poverty has been causing its people to migrate to the United States seeking the American dream in a post-civil war era. While in the U.S. the Haitians found their nationality IGNORED!! CAST SYSTEMATICALLY, RACIALLY AND ECONOMICALLY OPPRESSED, POORLY EDUCATED, POORLY HOUSED IN POOR COMMUNITIES. Just like their African brothers who never had his revolutionary war with his captives; to be able to proclaim his nationality like the Haitian. Instead, he has prescribed a nationality and designated a class of citizenship which is second to his former master. The poverty in America is incomparable to Haiti so Haitian's thrive...

     The Haitian people can be found all over Florida and have formed large communities in Newark, NJ., Brooklyn, NY., and Boston, Mass, etc.. These communities have given us some of the movers and shakers of Hip-Hop like Haitian CEO of Love and Hip-Hop franchise Mona Scott Young, Shakim Briste who is Queen Latifah's manager since day one "Haitian", eGarcette Beauvais who played alongside Jamie Foxx on the Jamie Foxx show, Zoey Saldana, Wyclef, Praswell, Usher Raymond, Jason Derulo, Zoey Dollars, Haitian Fresh, Pierre Garson, etc...

     All immigrants struggle for survival when they arrive at the land of milk and honey. Many immigrants don't realize the American dream only means opportunity and opportunity don't always come with a handshake and a smile. Sometimes the weight of destitution is too overbearing to toil your way to better day's because sometimes all your toiling will leave you in poverty especially for people of African descent. It was these condition's that manifested Ali "CHIP" Adam and the ZOE POUND.

     Ali"CHIP" Adam, James "THUMP" Joseph, Marvin "JUNK" Jean Louis, McHARRY MAC-A-ZOE LaFONTAUNT, and the rest of ZOE POUND gave Haitians all over the United States a new identity. Ali is what Lucky Luchinna was to the Italians, what Dutch Schultz was to the Irish, and what Bumpy Johnson and Frank Lucas were to African American's. Accept Chip, Thump, Junk, and MAC-A-ZOE blended criminality with nationality. With their criminal exploits, Flamboyant lifestyles, and being in the constant presence of the Hip-Hop elite they took Haitian culture mainstream.

     We witnessed the effect when Ali, McHARRY, and James in 1996 gave Haitian born and rap superstar, and also a presidential nominee for Haiti Wyclef Jean the Haitian flag that he displayed on the David Letterman show. ZOE POUND Rep that since 1990... ZOE POUND has been the subject of many magazine articles. American Greed, Gangland, and Smack D.V.D

have dedicated an hour about ZOE POUND... The book ZOE POUND MAFIA gives true accounts of ZOE POUND lives. Ali Adam has Co-Authored the book The Hip-Hop Black Republican Party Book that can be found on Amazon as well.

     Many men such as James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond, Jacques "Haitian Jack" Agnate, and Kenneth "Bobbie" Williams have put in their efforts also to push the ZOE agenda. We Haitian's must take our plight further as a people. We must build our community and become an economic powerhouse. The West Indian parade and the Bayfront Park Haitian flag day celebration shouldn't be the only time we unite. We shouldn't rest so comfortably in our bed's when we have ZOE/Haitian's starving in Haiti. SO; we have proof how ZOEPOUND.COM and IPROMISEYOU.ORG will take care of the people.

     We can no longer allow our homeland to be considered a "shithole country." This site is the beginning of our strategy to become a more united people and affect people to aid and assist our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We will have caught Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook's attention with our ZOE unity... Haitian or not; if you know your MATH you a ZOE!!!




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